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The maintenance of vehicles is a dangerous job. If you haven’t received relevant training in the maintenance, the possibility of injury, property loss and maintenance failure will increase. The maintenance procedures in the workshop manual were prepared for the technical training for Haima Automobile staff. In the maintenance operations, only the technical personnel having received the relevant training and practical experience in the maintenance have the ability for more secure operation. However, the user of this manual can at least understand the general safety procedures. 

This manual includes the parts of “Warnings” and “Cautions”, which are applicable to the dangers usually not encountered by general technicians during the maintenance. The technical staff should follow the “Warnings” and “Cautions” to reduce injury hazards and vehicle damage due to improper service or maintenance and the risk of insecurity. It is also important to understand that the “Warnings” and “Cautions” are not all inclusive and it is impossible to give warnings to all dangerous consequences caused by the violation of operating procedures. 

The circuit diagrams and specifications contained in this manual have been provided at time of publication. The Haima automobile products reserve the right either to change the vehicle design or to modify the contents of this manual without prior notice to users and assumes no responsibility. 

The genuine Haima auto-part products or its equivalents should be used in case of part replacement. Those using the quality lower than that of the Haima genuine auto-vehicle parts should fully guarantee that the personal security and vehicle safety are not at risk. The Haima automobile assumes no responsibility for the problems caused by use of the manual, the causes of which include the insufficiency of service-related training, improper use of tools, use quality lower than that of the Haima genuine auto-parts and replacements, or ignorance of the manual revisions, but the cause of which is not limited to the above. 

Body work maintenance manual Model series S3
This Bodywork Maintenance Manual is designed for the use of FAW Haima technicians to help them carry out the FAW Haima automobile maintenance. In terms of the FAW Haima vehicle owners and drivers, this manual is also very helpful when they carry out the vehicle service and maintenance within their capacity. 

It is very important to well understand this manual for correct service and maintenance. For quick and easy access to the reference information, the manual should be always kept at your hand. 

The contents of this manual, including the charts and technical parameters are the latest information obtained at the copy time of the manual. When some changes will affect your vehicle maintenance, you can obtain from the FAW Haima automobile dealers, the relevant supplementary materials. The manual shall be kept regularly updated.

The FAW Haima Automobile Co. Ltd, reserves the rights either to change the technical parameters, or to modify the manual contents without prior notice, for which, FAW Haima Automobile Co. Ltd assumes no obligations. All rights reserved for the manual.  
Without the written permission by the manual, any parts of the manual are not allowed, by any of ways (electronic or mechanical) to copy and use, including photocopying, recording, or applicable to the information storage and retrieval systems. 

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