Crown WAV60 Operator Manual

Online pdf Crown WAV60 Operator Manual

Welcome to your Wave Operator Manual. This manual has been designed to provide you with specific information regarding the safe operation of the Wave work assist vehicle. As you will see in this manual, we’ve made it easy to use and understand, as well as informative.
Be aware though that only trained and authorized operators are permitted to use the vehicle. This manual is only one part of a complete operator training program that includes live presentations, hands-on training, and practice on the vehicle; 
all of which must be provided by an authorized trainer before you are permitted to operate any Wave vehicle.

Only trained and authorized operators are permitted to use this vehicle.
This manual is one part of a complete training program. The program also includes watching the Training Video, reviewing the Crown Manual of Responsibility, along with hands-on training and practice on the vehicle. You must successfully demonstrate understanding of the material presented and be able to safely operate the vehicle before your training is completed.

The User shall ensure that the vehicle is operated and maintained according to the Crown Manual of Responsibility.
A copy of the Manual of Responsibility, along with the Service Manual, is stored in a tube under the platform. Return the manuals to the tube after use.

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