1997 JA Cirrus Stratus (RHD-LHD) Interactive Electronic Service Manual

Online Pdf 1997 JA Cirrus Stratus (RHD & LHD) Interactive Electronic Service Manual

Service and maintenance procedures for components and systems listed in Schedule—A or B can be found by using the Group Tab Locator index at the front of this manual. If it is not clear which group contains the information needed, refer to the index at the back of this manual.
There are two maintenance schedules that show proper service based on the conditions that the vehicle is subjected to.
Schedule— A , lists scheduled maintenance to be performed when the vehicle is used for general transportation.
Schedule— B , lists maintenance intervals for vehicles that are operated under the conditions listed at the beginning of the Maintenance Schedule section.
Use the schedule that best describes your driving conditions.
Where time and mileage are listed, follow the interval that occurs first.
When service is required, Chrysler Corporation recommends that only Mopart brand parts, lubricants and chemicals be used. Mopar provides the best engineered products for servicing Chrysler Corporation vehicles.

Wheel alignment adjustments should always be made in the following sequence, to ensure that an accurate alignment is performed.
(1) Adjust rear camber to be at the prefered setting specification.
(2) Adjust rear wheel Toe to be at the prefered setting specification..
(3) Adjust front wheel Toe to be at the prefered setting specification for individual wheel Toe and for total Toe.
(4) Toe is measured in degrees or inches and is the distance that the front edges of the tires are closer (or farther apart) than the rear edges (Fig. 1). See Front Wheel Drive Specifications for correct front and rear wheel Toe specifications.
(5) Thrust Angle is defined as the average of the Toe settings on each rear wheel. If this measurement is out of specification, re-adjust rear wheel Toe so that each wheel has 1/2 of the total Toe measurement. When re-adjusting, do not exceed the total Toe specification.

1997 JA Cirrus Stratus (RHD-LHD) Interactive Electronic Service Manual For Free

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