BMW5 (E39) Fault Codes

Online Pdf BMW5 (E39) Fault Codes

BMW5 (E39) Fault Codes PDF
Control and measuring equipment
To check the fuel injection systems and reduce the toxicity of exhausts, it is necessary to use digital universal instrumentation, since they have greater measurement accuracy and greater internal loop resistance. Handheld scanners are the most convenient and versatile devices for testing engine management systems on models of later years of production.

BMW E39 OBD-I systems (models up to 1995 of release) 
The electronic control unit has a built-in On Board Diagnosis (OBD) system, which serves to troubleshoot the system and turns on the engine warning light on the dashboard in the event of a malfunction. The fault code is stored in the memory of the electronic control unit and is available for reading.

Reading fault codes OBD-I systems - warning lights
To read the fault codes stored in the memory of the electronic control unit, connect the STI and GND terminals of the diagnostic connection socket.
Connect the voltmeter to the STO terminal and the vehicle's "mass". Turn the ignition on and calculate the number of deviations from the arrow of the instrument or the flashing of the engine warning light. For example, code 34 will be displayed as 3 long flashing lights, pause, 4 short flashes.

Clearing the OBD-I DTCs
To clear the fault codes, disconnect the negative battery cable and depress the brake pedal for longer than 5 seconds. 

BMW5 (E39) Fault Codes For Free

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