Audi Q7 Power Transmission Self-Study Programme 363

Online PDF Audi Q7 Power Transmission Self-Study Programme 363

Audi Q7 - Power transmission by the inventor of the quattro®. The powertrain concept of the Audi Q7 offers impressive performance at high speeds in addition to outstanding dynamics, both on and off the road.

Audi Service Manual. The permanent quattro four-wheel drive® with asymmetric, dynamic torque split ensures maximum traction and cornering stability. These features are essential to good driving dynamics and active motoring safety, particularly when driving on paved roads and at high speeds. The newly developed transfer case 0AQ is the centrepiece of the power transmission system. This SSP deals mainly with the design and function of this new development.

Audi  Owner's Manual. As an SUV* with excellent on- and off-road driving dynamics, the Q7 is equipped as standard with quattro four-wheel drive. The running gear and the layout of the drive train sub-assemblies were adopted from the VW Touareg. This configuration allows the engine to be positioned directly over the front axle. Thus, the step-up gear and the transfer case migrate more towards the centre of the vehicle, favouring a well balanced axle load distribution beneficial to driving dynamics.

Audi Wiring Diagrams. The sub-assemblies step-up gear, front axle differential and transfer case are independent components. The powertrain has what is known as a "modular design". The advantage of this modular design is that it enables the ground clearance of an off-road vehicle to be increased.
* SUV = sport utility vehicle 

Audi Repair Manual. One of the primary development goals for the Audi Q7 was good driving dynamics on paved roads. A special reduction gear and a mechanical differential lock were dispensed with in favour of the redesigned transfer case and the newly developed self-locking centre differential. The self-locking centre differential is already in use in the Audi RS4 and S4, and features asymmetric/ dynamic torque distribution.

Up to 85% of driving torque can be transferred mechanically, i.e. without EDL engagement, to the rear axle and up to 65% to the front axle. The new differential ensures optimal on-road driving dynamics. When wheelspin occurs - off road or on icy surfaces - the EDL control system engages and provides traction in almost any driving situation.

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