Audi Q7 Electrical System Self-Study Programme 364

Online PDF Audi Q7 Electrical System Self-Study Programme 364

Audi Q7 Electrical System. With the Q7 Audi offers a vehicle that marks a superlative new development in the sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment. The Audi Q7 ingeniously combines sportiness and versatility, sophisticated technology and the luxury of a premium-class vehicle. On the road it excels with the driving performance and dynamism of a sports car; off-road it redefines the benchmark in its category. The chassis of the Audi Q7 also excels with its all-round qualities.

Steel-spring suspension and twin-tube shock absorbers are designed for sporty driving and superior comfort, even off-road. Also available on request: adaptive air suspension. The combination of air suspension and an electronically controlled damping system represents the perfect synthesis of decidedly sporty handling and supreme ride comfort.

The Audi Q7 stands for 100% premium-quality electronics!
There has been an enormous increase of the number of electronic control units over the past few years. 
The majority of innovations made are only possible thanks to increasingly sophisticated electronics. Without this development, many of the in-car comfort features which today are taken for granted would not be viable. To keep pace with the increasing complexity of new vehicles, continuous learning is essential. The Self-Study Programmes by AUDI are an efficient advanced learning tool as they enable you keep abreast of technical developments.

To be able to offer customers with this diversity of functions and equipment options, a multiplicity of different electronic control units are required in the Audi Q7. The control units do not work separately as independent nodes, rather they are interconnected via efficient bus systems. Depending on the quantity of data to be exchanged, the MOST bus, an optical data bus, a CAN bus or a LIN bus is utilised. Data is also exchanged across the various bus systems. A separate control unit provides the interface between the various systems. Each control unit is therefore supplied efficiently with the information and vehicle operating variables which its requires for optimal functioning. 

Self-Study Programme 364 introduces you to the network topology of the Audi Q7, and provides you with an overview of the positions in the vehicle in which electrical components are located. In addition to obtaining service-related information on the control units, you will learn the installation location of each control unit and become familiar with its tasks. You quickly and efficiently gain an insight into the electronics in the Audi Q7.

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