Audi Q5 Quick Reference Specification Book

Online PDF Audi Q5 Quick Reference Specification Book

Warnings and Cautions

  1. Some repairs may be beyond your capability. If you lack the skills, tools and equipment, or a suitable workplace for any procedure described in this manual, we suggest you leave such repairs to an authorized dealer service department or other qualified shop. 
  2. Do not reuse any fasteners that have become worn or deformed during normal use. Many fasteners are designed to be used only once and become unreliable and may fail when used a second time. This includes, but is not limited to, nuts, bolts, washers, self-locking nuts or bolts, circlips and cotter pins. Always replace these fasteners with new parts. 
  3. Never work under a lifted car unless it is solidly supported on stands designed for the purpose. Do not support a car on cinder blocks, hollow tiles or other props that may crumble under continuous load. Never work under a car that is supported solely by a jack. Never work under the car while the engine is running. 
  4. If you are going to work under a car on the ground, make sure the ground is level. Block the wheels to keep the car from rolling. Disconnect the battery negative (-) terminal (ground strap) to prevent others from starting the car while you are under it.

CAUTIONS (cont’d)

  1. Label battery cables before disconnecting. On some models, battery cables are not color coded. 
  2. Disconnecting the battery may erase fault code(s) stored in control module memory. Check for fault codes prior to disconnecting the battery cables. 
  3. If a normal or rapid charger is used to charge the battery, disconnect the battery and remove it from the vehicle to avoid damaging paint and upholstery. 
  4. Do not quick-charge the battery (for boost starting) for longer than one minute. Wait at least one minute before boosting the battery a second time. 
  5. Connect and disconnect a battery charger only with the battery charger switched off. 
  6. Sealed or "maintenance free" batteries should be slow-charged only, at an amperage rate that is approximately 10% of the battery's ampere-hour (Ah) rating. 
  7. Do not allow battery charging voltage to exceed 16.5 volts. If the battery begins producing gas or boiling violently, reduce the charging rate. Boosting a sulfated battery at a high charging rate can cause an explosion. 

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