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You have decided on the Audi Navigation System plus - thank you very much for your confidence in us.
With this equipment, you are acquiring a highly developed technical system which offers various choices for entertainment and communication in addition to navigation. All the settings can be made centrally, using an easy-to-follow menu guide.

We recommend that you read this owner's manual carefully so that you quickly become completely familiar with all of the functions and possibilities of the system and are able to make full use of them while driving.

Should you have any further questions about the Audi Navigation System plus in your vehicle, please direct them to your Audi Dealer. We hope you enjoy driving your car!

Equipment and illustrations
This book describes the equipment range specified for this model at the editorial deadline date as indicated on the inside of the back cover. Individual items of equipment may not yet be available at the time of printing or may only be offered in certain countries.

The illustrations are designed as schematic images. Some of the details on your vehicle may therefore look slightly different than illustrated in this manual.
Structure of the book

The contents are systematically structured in a color-coded layout to make it easier to locate specific topics and understand them.
Chapters, Table of Contents and Index
The contents of the book are divided into relatively small sections that are summarized in clearly arranged chapters (e.g. “System Operation”). To make it easier to use the book, we have identified the individual chapters with the color codes from the Audi Navigation System. Each color code is shown in the bottom margin of the chapter as well as in the headings and illustrations.
In front of each chapter, icons shaded with the background color code of that specific section help to make the book more attractive and also serve to differentiate the fonts and facilitate navigation.

The Table of Contents, organized into chapters, and the detailed Index at the end of the book help you to quickly find the information you need.

The information in most sections apply to all vehicles. However, since the equipment level is not the same on all vehicles, this book also contains sections which may not apply to your particular vehicle. When this is the case, the section will be identified, for example: “Applies to vehicles: with Audi cd changer”. This way, you only have to read the sections which are applicable to your vehicle.

Although the information has been grouped into the appropriate sections, there are many possible equipment combinations which may be described in this book, but not installed on your vehicle. These are listed as optional equipment and marked with an asterisk

Heading summaries and step-by-step instructions 
Each section has its own heading.
Then follows a summary (in large, italic print), which tells you the subject matter of the section.
Under an illustration you will find step-by-step instructions (in relatively large print), which tell you what you must do. Each instruction is identified with a dash.
A descriptive section offering important and continuing information for each topic follows.

Special symbols in this book
Several symbols are used in this book. These symbols draw your attention to important information about a number of special subjects. Please familiarize yourself with the symbols and what they mean.

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