Audi ABY, ADU Engine Wiring Diagram

Online PDF Audi ABY, ADU Engine Wiring Diagram

AUDI 90 Wiring Diagram.pdf. The purpose of this document is to itemise and describe the ABY / ADU engine wiring loom. Refer to my ‘Schematics & Wiring Primer’ in the first instance for any background information. This document identifies all of the locations used to correctly integrate the ABY/ADU wiring into an Audi B3/B4 vehicle (or adapt to other vehicles). This information is as correct as I can make it but the reader is well advised to double check that everything is to their own satisfaction at installation. AUDI 5000 s Wiring Diagram.

Consider the loom to be composed of five sections :
Bundle 1 - To the ECU - wrapped in yellow tape
Bundle 2 - The heavy insulated section into the engine bay
Bundle 3 - A very skinny bundle that connects to a single 2-pin plug
Bundle 4 - Another skinny bundle, yellow wrapped, with two connectors at the end
Bundle 5 - Big yellow bundle to the fusebox & relay blocks with a mass of spaghetti at the end

Bundle 2 – Engine Room
Let’s break this one down into smaller cable bundles, starting from the bulkhead grommet :
– 2.1 Two circular multi-pin plugs and one 2-pin plug – 2.2 Hefty mass of multi-pin plugs
– 2.3 Plugs for lambda probe
– 2.4 Two spades and a 2-pin plug
– 2.5 A 6-pin plug on its own
– 2.6 A grey circular plug with 2 pins
– 2.7 A red/black wire with single spade
– 2.8 A black wire with hooded eyelet connector

Coilpacks have integral connector with flying leads that must be correctly spliced into JPT-3 connectors as shown logically above.
Note that POS drawn upside down here to align with cylinder direction.
POS units must have thermal paste on the connection to bulkhead.

Audi ABY, ADU Engine Wiring Diagram For Free

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