Audi 6-speed Automatic Gearbox 09E PDF Service Manual

Online PDF Audi 6-speed Automatic Gearbox 09E PDF Service Manual

The Japanese company AISIN Co., LTD is the manufacturer and developer of the Front Wheel Drive TF-60SN transaxle, which is a 6 speed, fully automatic and electronic controlled transaxle.  Volkswagen engineers were also involved, in conjunction with Aisin, in the development process for their vehicles and they gave it the 09G/09M designation.  BMW's designation for the same unit is 6F21WA.  US and Overseas Vehicle applications, known at time of printing, are shown in Figure 1.

The 09G/09M transaxle is used in a wide variety of applications and engine sizes.  As a result, the number of friction plates, planetary ratios, three or four pinion carriers, transfer gear ratios and the final drive ratios will vary depending on torque load requirements of the specific vehicle.  The 09G/09M transaxle uses a gear ratio sensitive system, requiring the correct transaxle interchange, if that becomes necessary. 

There are also versions of this transaxle that have an "Integral Cooler" bolted directly to the transaxle converter cover and pipe engine coolant to the transaxle. Some versions have a "Remote" mounted cooler and pipe transaxle fluid to the cooler.  This affects changes to the case, converter cover, valve body and spacer plate.  None of these parts are interchangeable with one another.

This transaxle is very similar to the AF40-6 transmission but with 3 very significant differences. One is the B1 brake band has been eliminated and replaced with a B1 clutch pack. Second is the rear cover that gave access to the C/K2 clutch has been eliminated.  Third the Transmission Control Module (TCM) is mounted external from the transaxle which makes typical electrical diagnosis available to the technician.

The TCM controls both shift timing and shift feel with the use of eight solenoids.  The TCM monitors gear ratio through the input and output shaft hall effect speed sensors. It also can determine the rate of change and adapt the shifts as the friction elements wear. 

All TF-60SN (09G) transaxles use a Lepelletier arrangement, which consists of a simple planetary with the sun gear splined to the pump stator and coupled with a Ravigneaux planetary. This allows the sun gears and the planetary pinions of the Ravigneaux planetary gear-set to be driven at different speeds. This arrangement makes six forward speeds and reverse possible, with only five clutch packs and one freewheel. Refer to Figure 2 for the component locations and the clutch application chart for each gear.

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