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Online PDF Audi 3.0l V6 TDI Biturbo Engine Self Study Programme

3.0l V6 TDI biturbo engine
Following the launch of the 2nd Gen 3.0l V6 TDI engine, Audi now introduces a biturbo version based on the 2nd Gen 3.0l V6 TDI engine. The core of the unit is the compact two-stage charging system installed in the inner V of the engine and over the gearbox bell housing.

The two in-line chargers are subdivided into a high pressure exhaust turbocharger and a low pressure exhaust turbocharger. The high pressure exhaust turbocharger has a Variable Turbine Geometry with an electrical positioner. The low pressure exhaust turbocharger is regulated by a wastegate valve and designed for high air flow rates, with the result that the engine delivers high torque at low rpm combined with performance potential right up to the top end of the rev band.

The development goal was to build an engine that sets new standards for sporty diesel engines by ts dynamic torque and revving ability. By adopting all efficiency measures from the basic engine, e.g. thermal management system, friction-reducing enhancements, weight reduction and start-stop system, the 3.0l V6 TDI biturbo engine strikes a good balance between high performance and fuel efficiency.

Other premises for the development of the engine were that it was to be produced on the assembly line of the basic engine at the Györ engine plant, and that maximum use was to be made of common and synergetic parts shared with the 2nd Gen V6 TDI engine.

Learning objectives of this Self Study Programme:
This Self Study Programme describes the design and function of the 3.0l V6 TDI biturbo engine. After you have worked your way through this Self Study Programme, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Which aspects of the engine mechanicals have changed?
  2. How is the cooling system configured in the cylinder head?
  3. How is the biturbo system designed?
  4. How are both turbochargers controlled?

Audi 3.0l V6 TDI Biturbo Engine Self Study Programme For Free

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