Astra HD9 Sheet Chassis Euro3 6x6 GB

Online pdf Astra HD9 Sheet Chassis Euro3 6x6 GB

CURSOR 13 turbo intercooler euro 3 diesel injection/cycle with electronic unit injection pumps. Single block head, four valves per  cylinder, light alloy pistons. Total displacement: 12.882 cm3. Bore for stroke: 135 x 150 mm. 6 in-line cylinders. Water cooling.  
Viscostatic cooling fan. Dry air filter with safety cartridge. Vertical muffler

Manual ZF Ecosplit 4 technology gearbox with servoshift, 16 synchronised forward speeds + 2 reverse: ZF16S2220TO: HD9 66.38/HD9 66.42 / HD9 66.44 
ZF16S2520TO: HD9 66.48/HD9 66.54 
On request: 
ZF16S2320TD: HD9 66.38/HD9 66.42/ HD9 66.44/ HD9 66.48 
ZF ASTRONIC 16AS2601OD: HD9 66.44/ HD9 66.48/ HD9 66.54 
ALLISON HD4700: HD9 66.44/ HD9 66.48/ HD9 66.54 (wheelbase>4100mm)

Special steel with high elasticity limit, two flat and parallel side members width 820 mm., C section 320x90x10mm, cross members riveted to the frame. 
Steel front bumpers with headlamp protection grids, front manoeuvring hook, rear underrun bar, steel fuel tank capacity 300 litres.
On request: 
Extra long underrun bar for concrete mixer.
Front bumper climbing step.
Rapid attachment for compressed air for tyres’inflation.
Rear underrun bar in set back position.
Rear manoeuvring hook.
Rear automatic towing hook.
Rubber mudguards on 2nd and 3rd axle.
Side windlass for spare wheel

Hydraulic power steering ZF 8098 with variable ratio 1:22.2/1:26.2.
Steering linkage with self lubricating floating joints. 
Height and inclination mechanical adjustable steering wheel.

Parabolic leaf springs with bushings, 4 leaves 24x90 mm, with shock absorbers and standard stabiliser.
On request: 
Reinforced conventional springs. 10 leaves 15x90 mm. 
Reinforced parabolic springs, n° 5 leaves 24x90 mm.
Parabolic springs, swivelling on central pin: 4 leaves 40x100 mm, supplemented by torque bars and stiffening brackets. On request: 
Stabiliser bar on 2nd axle.
Stabiliser bar on 3rd axle.
Extra-reinforced conventional springs, 10 leaves 25x100 mm.

Astra HD9 Sheet Chassis Euro3 6x6 GB For Free

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