Allison Transmission Removal Guide

Online pdf Allison Transmission Removal Guide

This is a guide to removal and installation of your Allison transmission.  This is on an 03 Extended cab short bed truck so some things may differ on your truck. Also this truck is a 4x4 model so many of these things will not apply to 2wd trucks. It is meant to be a guide that somebody that knows which was to loosen a bolt can use so if it seems dumbed down a bit at points I apologize.  

However even though this guide may make it look easy, you do need to have some mechanical knowledge, things can go wrong and I know this write up will not be complete as there is so much to remember.  But I will do my best for you.  I apologize for not having perfect pictures or pictures for everything, but once you get in there you will be able to figure it out.

Tools you will need.

  1. Car lift, or buddy with one, or some jack stands
  2. Transmission jack of some sort
  3. 13mm and 15mm Deep and Shallow Socket
  4. 13mm and 15mm combo wrench
  5. 18mm socket and wrench
  6. 8mm wrench
  7. 7/8” socket
  8. 11mm socket
  9. 3/8 Ratchet and a couple extensions of different sizes
  10. Impact wrench
  11. A LOT OF Extensions for the impact wrench
  12. ½”-3/8” adapter
  13. Small flat bladed screwdriver
  14. Body clip removal tool, or your own method of removing them.
  15. A BIG adjustable wrench
  16. A Heat gun
  17. Some brakleen (optional)
  18. Some penetrating lube.

Allison Transmission Removal Guide For Free

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