2004-2012 KTM 85 -105 SX Service Repair Manual

Online PDF 2004-2012 KTM 85 -105 SX Service Repair Manual

This manual contains important information on the operation and maintenance of your new KTM motorcycle. It went to press describing your model’s latest state of development. Nevertheless, the descriptions may deviate slightly from the current design as our motorcycles are permanently improved.The Owner's Manual is an integral part of the motorcycle and must be handed over to the new owner when the motorcycle is sold.

Observance of the service, maintenance and tuning instructions for the engine and chassis specified in the Owner's Manual is a prerequisite for faultless operation and the avoidance of premature wear. An improperly tuned chassis can lead to damage and breakage of the chassis components (see chapter on checking the basic chassis setting).
The use of the motorcycle under extreme conditions, e.g. on extremely muddy and wet terrain, can lead to higher than average wear on components such as the drive train or the brakes. In this case it may become necessary to service or replace wear parts before the service limit specified in the maintenance schedule has been reached.

We expressly point out that work marked with an asterisk (*) in the chapter "Maintenance work on the chassis and engine" must be performed by a KTM workshop. If maintenance work should become necessary during a competition, it must be performed by a trained mechanic.
Please strictly observe the prescribed running-in periods and inspection and maintenance intervals. Compliance with these instructions will significantly prolong the life of your motorcycle.

The service work specified in the "Lubrication and Maintenance Schedule" must be performed by a KTM workshop and recorded in the service manual otherwise claims under the warranty shall become void. No claims can be filed under the warranty for damage or consequential damage caused by manipulations or conversions to the motorcycle.

The fuels and lubricants specified in the Owner's Manual or automotive fluids with equivalent specifications must be used in accordance with the maintenance schedule.

For the safety of your child, only use spare parts and accessories approved by KTM. KTM shall not assume any liability for other products or consequential damage resulting from the use of such products.
When special needs arise, please contact a KTM dealer, who will seek the assistance of the KTM importer if necessary.

Parents should keep in mind that the safety of their youngsters always depends on the efforts made by the parents to ensure that the motorcycle is kept in good working order and only used on safe terrains. Nevertheless, driving the motorcycle, like driving any other vehicle, involves a potential risk. Therefore, please make sure that all fundamental precautions are taken. Please also read the „INFORMATION ON SAFE DRIVING FOR PARENTS“ on page 4.

When transporting your motorcycle, secure it with elastic straps or other mechanical devices in an upright position. Be sure that the fuel tap is closed. If the motorcycle topples over, fuel can flow out of the carburetor or fuel tank.

Riding an off-highway motorcycle is a wonderful form of outdoor recreation and we certainly hope that you and your youngsters will enjoy it to the full. However, this enjoyable outdoor activity can cause environmental problems or lead to conflicts with other people. Responsible use of the motorcycle will prevent such problems and conflicts. You can contribute to securing the future of motorcycling by making sure that you and your youngsters only use the motorcycle within the limits established by the applicable laws, making environmental protection one of your top priorities and never violating other people’s rights.

Online PDF 2004-2012 KTM 85 -105 SX Service Repair Manual