Komatsu PC27R-8 Operation and Maintenance Manual

Online pdf Komatsu PC27R-8 Operation & Maintenance Manual

This manual has been carried out by Komatsu Utility in order to supply their customers with all the necessary information on the machine and the safety regulations related to it, together with the use and maintenance instructions that enable the operator to exploit the capacity of the machine with optimal results and to keep the machine efficient over time.
The operation manual, together with the spare parts catalogue, is an integral part of the machine and must accompany it, even when it is resold, until its final disposal.
The manual must be handled with the greatest care and always kept on board the machine, so that it can be consulted at any moment; it must be placed in the appropriate compartment inside the seat support, where also the ownership documents and the logbook are usually kept.
This manual must be given to the persons who have to use the machine and carry out the routine maintenance operations; they must read the contents carefully more than once, in such a way as to clearly understand what are the correct operating conditions and the dangerous conditions that must be avoided.
In case of loss or damage, request a new copy to Komatsu Utility or your Komatsu Utility Dealer.
The illustrations contained in this manual may represent machine configurations available on request.
The machines are constantly upgraded in order to increase their efficiency and reliability; this manual sums up all the information regarding the state of technical progress at the moment in which the machine is launched on the market.
Consult your Komatsu Utility Dealer for any updated information.
Punctual periodic annotations regarding the maintenance operations that have been carried out are important to have a clear prospect of the situation and to know exactly what has been done and what has to be done after the next maintenance interval. Therefore, it is advisable to consult either the hour meter and the maintenance plan frequently.
Over the years Komatsu Utility Dealers have gathered considerable experience in customer service.
If more information is needed, do not hesitate to contact your Komatsu Utility Dealer: he always knows how to get the best performance from the machine, he can suggest the use of the equipment that is most suitable for specific needs and can provide the technical assistance necessary for any change that may be required to conform the machine to the safety standards and traffic rules.
Furthermore, Komatsu Utility Dealers also ensure their assistance for the supply of Komatsu Utility genuine spare parts, which alone guarantee safety and interchangeability.
The table included in this manual must be filled in with the machine data, which are the data that must always be indicated to the Dealer when requiring assistance and ordering spare parts.

Many accidents are caused by insufficient knowledge of and failure to comply with the safety regulations prescribed for the maintenance operations that must be performed on the machine.
In order to avoid accidents, before starting work and before carrying out any maintenance operation, carefully read and be sure to understand all the information and warnings contained in this manual and given on the plates applied onto the machine, so that you can follow the instructions without making mistakes.
To identify the messages regarding safety that are included in this manual and written on the machine plates, the following words have been used.

Komatsu Utility cannot reasonably predict every circumstance that might involve a potential hazard during the operation or maintenance of the machine; for this reason, the safety messages included in this manual and applied onto the machine may not include all possible safety precautions.
If all the procedures and operations prescribed for this machine are kept to, you can be sure that the operator and the persons in the vicinity can work in total safety, with no risk of damaging the machine. In case of doubt regarding the safety measures necessary for some procedures, contact Komatsu Utility or your local Dealer.


  1. Simple and easy operation
  2. Hydrostatic transmission obtained through two axial piston motors that operate epicyclic reduction gears.
  3. Upper structure rotation achieved through an orbital hydraulic motor (for PC20R only).
  4. Upper structure rotation achieved through an axial piston hydraulic motor acting on an epicyclic reduction gear (for PC27R only)
  5. Main equipment servolevers ensuring also combined movements that can be modulated proportionally and continually.
  6. Pedal controls for the boom swing and the optional equipment.
  7. Lever controls for travel and blade.
  8. Travel speed increase achieved through a pedal-operated push button.
  9. Complete series of instruments visible from the operating position.
  10. Lever accelerator.

Every machine is scrupulously adjusted and tested before delivery.
A new machine, however, must be used carefully for the first 100 hours, in order to ensure proper running-in of the various components.
If the machine is subjected to excessive work load at the beginning of operation, its potential yield and its functionality will be shortly and untimely reduced.
Every new machine must be used carefully, paying special attention to the following indications:

  1. After the start, let the engine idle for 5 minutes, in such a way as to warm it up gradually before actual operation.
  2. Avoid operating the machine with the limit loads allowed or at high speed.
  3. Avoid abrupt starts or accelerations, useless sudden decelerations and abrupt reversals.
  4. After the first 250 hours, carry out the following operations, in addition to those to be performed every 250 hours: 

1 - Change the oil in the travel reduction gears. 
2 - Check and adjust the engine valve clearance.
On machines in which the synthetic biodegradable oil type HEES is used, the following operations are to be performed besides the standard maintenance operations:

  1. After the first 50 hours of operation, change the hydraulic circuit drain filter.
  2. After the first 500 hours of operation, change the hydraulic circuit oil.
  3. Easy maintenance with simplified intervals.
Online pdf Komatsu PC27R-8 Operation & Maintenance Manual

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