Kawasaki VN900 2007 Owners Manual

Kawasaki VN900 2007 Online Owner's Manual Pdf

Safe Riding Technique
You should remember of and verify the applicable safety regulations effective before riding your motorcycle. Gloves and suitable footwear should even be used for added protection.
A motorcycle doesn't provide the impact protection of an automobile, so defensive riding additionally to wearing protective apparel is extremely important. Do not let protective apparel offer you a false sense of security.

Before changing lanes, look over your shoulder to make sure the way is clear. Do not rely solely on the rear view mirror; you'll misjudge a vehicle’s distance and speed, otherwise you might not see it in the least .
When rising steep slopes, shift to a lower gear in order that there's many power to spare instead of overloading the engine.

When taking place long slopes, control vehicle speed by closing the throttle.
In wet conditions, rely more on the throttle to regulate vehicle speed and fewer on the front and rear brakes. 
Riding at the right rate of speed and avoiding unnecessarily fast acceleration are important not just for safety and low fuel consumption but also for long vehicle life and quieter operation.

When riding in wet conditions or on loose roadway surfaces, the power to maneuver are going to be reduced. Sudden acceleration.
When quick acceleration is important as en passant , shift to a lower gear to get the required power.

Avoiding unnecessary weaving is vital to the security of both the rider and other motorists.
Daily Safety Checks
Check the subsequent items every day before you ride. The time required is minimal, and habitual performance of those checks will help make sure you a secure , reliable ride.
If any irregularities are found during these checks, ask the upkeep and Adjustment chapter or see your dealer for the action required to return the motorcycle to a secure operating condition.
Additional Considerations for top Speed Operation
Handling characteristics of a motorbike at high speeds may vary from those you're conversant in at legal highway speeds. don't attempt high speed operation unless you've got received sufficient training and have the specified skills.

Brakes:The importance of the brakes, especially during high speed operation, can't be overemphasized. Check to ascertain that they're correctly adjusted and functioning properly.
Steering:Looseness within the steering can cause loss of control. Check to ascertain that the handlebar turns freely but has no play.
Tires: High speed operation is tough on tires, and good tires are crucial for riding safety. Examine their overall condition, inflate them to the right pressure, and check the wheel balance.

Spark Plugs: For demanding operation like racing, install spark plugs with one heat colder range NGK CPR8EA-9.
Engine Oil: To avoid engine seizure and resulting loss of control, confirm that the oil level is at the upper level line.

Kawasaki VN900 2007 Owners Manual