Kawasaki KLX 150L 2013 Owners Manual

Kawasaki KLX 150L 2013 Online Owner's Manual Pdf

Protective Gear and Clothing
This motorcycle is not intended tobe equipped with a sidecar or to beused to tow any trailers or other ve-hicles. Kawasaki does not manu-facture sidecars or trailers formotorcycles and cannot predict theeffects of such accessories on han-dling or stability, but can only warnthat the effects can be adverse and that Kawasaki cannot assume re-sponsibility for the results of suchunintended use of the motorcycle Furthermore, any adverse effectson motorcycle components causedby the use of such accessories willnot be remedied under warranty.

Make sure of your own safety first.Determine the severity of any injuriesand call for emergency assistance ifneeded. Always follow applicable lawsand regulations if any other person, ve-hicle or property is involved.Do not attempt to continue ridingwithout first evaluating your motorcy-cle's condition. Inspect for fluid leaks,check critical nuts and bolts, and checkthe handlebars, control levers, brakes,and wheels for damage and proper function. Ride slowly and cautiously -your motorcycle may have suffereddamage that is not immediately appa-rent. Have your motorcycle thoroughlychecked at a Kawasaki dealer as soonas possible

Exhaust gas contains carbonmonoxide, a colorless, odorlesspoisonous gas. Inhaling carbonmonoxide can cause seriousbrain injury or death.Do not run the engine in enclosedareas. Operate only in a well-ven-tilated area

Safe Riding Techniques

Keep Hands on HandlebarsWhen riding always keep both handson the handlebars and both feet on thefootpegs. Removing your hands fromthe handlebars or feet from the foot-pegs while riding can be hazardous. Ifyou remove even one hand or foot,you reduce your ability to control themotorcycle.Look Over Your ShoulderBefore changing lanes, look overyour shoulder to make sure the way isclear. Do not rely solely on the rearview mirror; you may misjudge a ve-hicle's distance and speed, or you maynot see it at all.Accelerate and Brake SmoothlyIn general your actions should besmooth as sudden acceleration, brak-ing or turning may cause loss of control, especially when riding in wetconditions or on loose road surfaces,when the ability to maneuver will be re-duced.Select Correct Gear SpeedsWhen going up steep slopes, shift toa lower gear so that there is power tospare rather than overloading the en-gine.Use Both Front and Rear BrakesWhen applying the brakes, use boththe front and rear brakes. Applying on-ly one brake for sudden braking maycause the motorcycle to skid and losecontrol.Use Engine BrakeWhen going down long slopes, helpcontrol vehicle speed by closing thethrottle so that the engine can act asan auxiliary brake. Use the front andrear brakes for primary braking

Riding in Wet ConditionsRely more on the throttle to controlvehicle speed and less on the frontand rear brakes. The throttle should al-so be used judiciously to avoid skid-ding the rear wheel from too rapidacceleration or deceleration.Braking performance is also reducedin wet conditions. Carefully ride at aslow speed and apply the brakes sev-eral times to help dry and restoresthem to normal operating performance.Lubricate the drive chain after wet-weather riding to prevent rust and cor-rosion.Ride PrudentlyRiding at the proper speed andavoiding unnecessarily fast accelera-tion are important not only for safetyand low fuel consumption but also forlong vehicle life and quieter operation.

Kawasaki KLX150L 2013 Owners Manual