Detroit Diesel Series 60 DDEC II to DDEC IV conversion 18SP546

Online pdf Detroit Diesel Series 60 DDEC II to DDEC IV conversion 18SP546

Service kit R23529490 permits conversion of a Detroit Diesel Series 60® DDEC® II engine to a DDEC IV configuration. The kit includes the items listed in Table 1. 
DDEC II to DDEC IV Conversion Kit, P/N: 23529490
Following are instructions for installing the parts in the kit. Refer to the current Series 60 Service Manual, 6SE483 and the DDEC III/IV SECM Troubleshooting Guide, 6SE497 for instructions on removing, installing, and testing the other parts required for kit installation.
1.With the engine at ambient temperature (cool to the touch) and the starting system disconnected/ disabled, disconnect the power harness from vehicle batteries. 
2.Loosen the wire harness connector hold-down screws, and gently disengage the connectors from ECM sockets. 
3.Remove  the DDEC II injector and engine sensor harness from the engine. 
4.Loosen the wire harness connector hold-down screws, gently disengage connectors, and remove DDEC II ECM from vehicle. 
DDEC IV ECM Installation 

Conversion kit components are listed in Table 1. Refer to the Series 60 Service Manual and install parts as follows: 
1. Install the Engine Sensor Harness (P/N: 23513558), included in the kit. See Figure 1. Refer to Section 8.6 of Service Manual. 
2. Install the Injector/Jake Brake® harness (P/N: 23518358) included in the kit. 
3. Install new Coolant Level Sensor (CLS) (either ¼” P/N: 23520380 or 3/8” P/N; 23520381). Refer to Section 2.34 of Service Manual. 
4. Install the CLS adaptor module (P/N: 23518206) and jumper adaptor (P/N: 23518359). 
5. Install the Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) (P/N: 23515251) at right rear of head. Refer to Section 2.31 of Service Manual. 
6. Install the heat shield (P/N: 23519124) using stud bolts (P/N: 23509744) and nuts (P/N: 11506101). 
a)If the engine has current exhaust manifold, install heat shield “as is.” 
b)If the engine has former style manifold, the heat shield may need to be altered prior to installation. 
7.Remove the air intake manifold and discard old gaskets. 
8.Using a drill press and a 9/16” drill, drill and tap a 3/8” pipe port for the Air Temperature Sensor (ATS), between #3 and #4 intake air ports in manifold. See Figure 2. 
9.Clean the air intake manifold thoroughly to remove drill chaff. 
10.Install ATS (P/N: 23515250). Torque to 11-16 N·m (8-12 lb·ft). 
11.Using new gaskets (P/N: 23517875), install the air intake manifold. 

DDEC II to DDEC IV Conversion Cruise Control Switch Wiring Modifications
Figure 3 illustrates a typical DDEC II cruise control wiring schematic. Wiring modifications to the Cruise Enable Switch and the Set/Coast Switch are required whenever a DDEC II to DDEC IV conversion is made on a vehicle using the DDEC II cruise control feature. 

Figure 3 Typical DDEC II Cruise Control Wiring 
Remove the wire identified as DDEC circuit #542 from the Set/Coast Switch. At a convenient point, splice circuit #542 into the cruise control switched ground circuit. Cruise control switched ground is the circuit that is “open” when the Cruise Enable Switch is turned OFF and “grounded” when the Cruise Enable Switch is turned ON. If necessary, use a volt-ohm meter to verify the circuit before splicing in circuit #542. Depending on the application, the switched ground circuit may be identified as DDEC circuit #558 or a branch of DDEC battery ground, such as circuit #953A, #953B, or #953C, etc. See Figure 4. 

Figure 4 Cruise Control Wiring Schematic after 

Testing of Cruise Control Switch and Wiring 
To speed up the testing of cruise control switches, quick check tables have been developed. These tests are to be run with the ignition ON, and the engine not running. A DDR / DDDL must be plugged into the connector. All three quick check tables must be completed to properly check the cruise control wiring and switches. 
See Tables 3, 4 and 5. 
When all tests pass, the unit is ready for road testing. 

Online pdf Detroit Diesel Series 60 DDEC II to DDEC IV conversion 18SP546

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