Canon EOS 400D Digital Manual

Canon EOS 400D Digital Instruction Manual

The EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi/EOS 400D DIGITAL is a high-performance, digital single-lens reflex camera with a 10.10-megapixelimaging sensor. The camera provides many features such as PictureStyles to enhance your photographic expression, fast autofocus formoving subjects, shooting modes for beginners as well as advancedusers, and direct printing.Also, the Self Cleaning Sensor Unit removes dust adhering to thesensor.

Get to know your camera while shooting
This manual explains how to shoot various subjects and scenes for bothbeginners and advanced users. With a digital camera, you canimmediately view the image you have captured. While reading thismanual, take pictures as instructed and check the results. This is howyou can learn to use the camera and better enjoy photography.To prevent botched pictures and accidents, read the Safety Warnings(p.10,11) and Handling Precautions (p.12,13).

Test the Camera Before Using
After shooting, playback and check the image whether it has been properlyrecorded.If the camera or memory card is faulty and the images cannot be recorded on thecard or be read by a personal computer, Canon cannot be held liable.

Follow these safeguards and use the equipment properly to prevent injury, death,and material damage.
Preventing Serious Injury or Death
To prevent fire, excessive heat, chemical leakage, and explosions, follow the safe guards below:

  1. Do not use any batteries, power sources, and accessories not specified in thisbooklet. Do not use any home-made or modified batteries.
  2. Do not short-circuit, disassemble, or modify the battery pack or back-up battery. Do not apply heat or apply solder to the battery pack or back-up battery. Do not exposethe battery pack or back-up battery to fire or water. And do not subject the batterypack or back-up battery to strong physical shock.
  3. Do not install the battery pack or back-up battery in reversed polarity (+ –). Do notmix new and old or different types of batteries.
  4. Do not recharge the battery pack outside the allowable ambient temperature rangeof 0°C 40°C (32°F 104°F). Also, do not exceed the recharging time.
  5. Do not insert any foreign metallic objects into the electrical contacts of the camera,accessories, connecting cables, etc.

Keep the back-up battery away from children. If a child swallows the battery, consult aphysician immediately. (Battery chemicals may harm the stomach and intestines.)
When disposing of a battery pack or back-up battery, insulate the electrical contactswith tape to prevent contact with other metallic objects or batteries. This is to preventfire or an explosion.

If excessive heat, smoke, or fumes are emitted during battery pack recharging,immediately unplug the battery charger from the power outlet to stop the rechargingand prevent a fire.
If the battery pack or back-up battery leaks, changes color, deforms, or emits smoke orfumes, remove it immediately. Be careful not to get burned in the process.

Prevent any battery leakage from contacting your eyes, skin, and clothing. It cancause blindness or skin problems. If the battery leakage contacts your eyes, skin, orclothing, flush the affected area with lots of clean water without rubbing it. See aphysician immediately.
During the recharging, keep the equipment away from the reach of children. The cordcan accidentally choke the child or give an electrical shock.

Do not leave any cords near a heat source. It can deform the cord or melt theinsulation and cause a fire or electrical shock.
Do not fire the flash at someone driving a car. It may cause an accident.

Do not fire the flash near a person's eyes. It may impair the person's vision. Whenusing flash to photograph an infant, keep at least 1 meter away.
Before storing the camera or accessory when not in use, remove the battery pack anddisconnect the power plug. This is to prevent electrical shock, heat generation, andfire.

Canon EOS 400D Digital Instruction Manual

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