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Audi RS4 PDF Manual

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With the Audi RS4, quattro GmbH, a fully owned subsidiary of Audi AG, has independently designed its first complete vehicle, which it has developed in cooperation with Audi AG.
The RS4, which like its predecessor, the RS2, is produced exclusively as an Avant, ibsolute top-of-the-range model in the Ad Based on the Audi S4, a high-performance vehicle has been created which is designed for an uncompromising sports appeal both in technical and visual terms, The Audi RS4 impresses by virtue of it superior performance, and radiates exclusiveness thanks to the well co-ordinated high-quality materials in the vehicle interior.

All the outer contour details of the Audi RS4 have been modified in the front, side and rear sections. This results in an enhanced overall visual impression. With all the aerodynamic modifications, a drag coefficient of Cy = 0.34 has been achieved.

The honeycomb trim grilles in the front bumpers, which serve to cover the intake apertures for the charge air coolers, are also used in the lower rear panel. Here, however, they play a more decorative role and serve no functional purpose. The front and rear wings required widening by approx. 35 mm due to the modified running gear with the new 18 inch wheels.

The standard components such as roof rail, roof joint strip, front/rear door-channel strip, side window trim strip, radiator grille frame and exterior mirror are in the aluminium look. The RS4 logo on the radiator grille, tailgate and sill mouldings is discreet. The dual oval exhaust tailpipes are integral with the lower rear panel, the design of which is adapted to the front end.

The rear spoiler rounds off the sporty appearance of the Audi RS4. Optimum guidance of the cooling air from the charge air coolers is ensured via lateral gill like apertures on the front bumper spoiler and by the slits in the wheel housing liners.

Managing the Vehicle Damage Repair Process
In the event that your vehicle requires damage repairs, GM recommends that you take an active role in its repair. If you have a pre-determined repair facility of choice, take your vehicle there, or have it towed there. Specify to the facility that any required replacement collision parts be original equipment parts, either new Genuine GM parts or recycled original GM parts. Remember, recycled parts will not be covered by your GM vehicle warranty.

Insurance pays the bill for the repair, but you must live with the repair. Depending on your policy limits, your insurance company may initially value the repair using aftermarket parts. Discuss this with your repair professional, and insist on Genuine GM parts. Remember if your vehicle is leased you may be obligated to have the vehicle repaired with Genuine GM parts, even if your insurance coverage does not pay the full cost.

If another party’s insurance company is paying for the repairs, you are not obligated to accept a repair valuation based on that insurance company’s collision policy repair limits, as you have no contractual limits with that company. In such cases, you can have control of the repair and parts choices as long as cost stays within reasonable limits.


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