Audi A6 2011 Self Study Programme 486

2011 Audi A6 Self Study Programme 486

The history of luxury Audi saloon cars began with the Audi 100 in the late 60s. Today, the legend of its creation still symbolises the revolutionary innovative spirit behind the Audi brand. With its classic, straightforward design, the Audi 100 was a 70s style icon. As such, it laid the foundations for a model series firmly rooted the so-called C segment, which spawned many legendary models.

One such model was the aerodynamic world champion of the 80s and its derivative, the Avant, with its unusual, elegant tail. Another was the type C5, a 90s classic with its taut lines and soft rear contours. 

Meanwhile, the Audi 100 had become the Audi A6 in the interests of a harmonised nomenclature. Yet one thing remains unchanged to this day - the stylistic vocabulary common to all Audi models: timeless, innovative design combining elegance and sportiness. Cutting-edge technology packaged in an attractive, trendsetting design.

The new Audi A6 ’11 remains true to this tradition. It bears the internal designation C7: the seventh generation of the C segment. Like its predecessor, the latest offspring is designed to inspire.

The Audi A6 ’11 stands for more safety and comfort, contemporary sportiness, fuel economy, higher agility and low weight through lightweight design, high-performance engines and forward-looking design. The Audi A6 ’11 is a business saloon designed for comfort and sporty elegance. It combines sophisticated design with high quality, sporty handling and everyday usability. It brings to the business segment technologies and comfort features previously exclusive to the luxury class. Intelligent lightweight design creates new possibilities and, in particular, makes for high efficiency.

The Audi A6 ’11 saloon unifies innovations from all of Audi's main fields of expertise. It meets the requirements of various customer groups, and therefore is set to surpass the successes of the preceding model.

Learning objectives of this Self Study Programme:
This Self Study Programme provides you with general information about the Audi A6 ’11. Once you have worked your way through this Self Study Programme, you will be ready to answer the following questions:

  1. From which materials is the body assembled?
  2. Which engine-gearbox combinations are installed?
  3. How is 'seat occupied' indication implemented for the rear seat row?
  4. Which type of steering is used on the Audi A6 ’11?
  5. Which sound systems are integrated?
  6. Which aspects of the air conditioning system have changed?
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