Astra HD9 Sheet Chassis Euro3 6x4 GB

Online pdf Astra HD9 Sheet Chassis Euro3 6x4 GB

CURSOR 13 turbo intercooler euro 3 diesel injection/cycle with electronic unit injection pumps. Single block head, four valves per cylinder, light alloy pistons. Total displacement: 12.882 cm3. Bore for stroke: 135 x 150 mm. 6 in-line cylinders. 
Water cooling. Viscostatic cooling fan. Dry air filter with safety cartridge. Vertical muffler

Manual ZF Ecosplit 4 technology gearbox with servoshift, 16 synchronised forward speeds + 2 reverse: ZF16S2220TO: HD9 64.38/HD9 64.42 / HD9 64.44 
ZF16S2520TO: HD9 64.48/HD9 64.54 
On request: 
ZF16S2320TD: HD9 64.38/HD9 64.42/ HD9 64.44/ HD9 64.48 
ZF ASTRONIC 16AS2601OD: HD9 64.44/ HD9 64.48/ HD9 64.54

Single dry plate, diameter 17”. 
Pull type engagement with diaphragm spring. Hydro-pneumatic power steering engagement control, with driven disc wear recovery slave cylinder.
On request: Ceramic clutch 17”

Steering, hot moulding in high tensile steel. Wheel stud protection.
Two tandem drive axles. Double reduction: central with crown wheel and pinion and final in wheel hubs by means of epicyclical group 2nd axle with torque distributor to the two rear axles. Lockable differentials by pneumatic control from driver seat. Tandem assembled to the chassis by reaction rods with silentblock.
On request: 
Rear-axle ratio 1:3,793 
Rear-axle ratio 1:4,229 
Rear-axle ratio 1:5,009 
Rear-axle ratio 1:5,558 
Rear-axle ratio 1:6,095 
Rear-axle ratio 1:6,588

Front and rear "duo-duplex" self-adjusting wedge type brakes with automatic play take-up. 
Total net braking surface 9.276 cm2. 
ABS system.
Service brake: Pedal controlled air brake, acting on all wheels.
Solo vehicles, two independent circuits, one for 1st  axle, one for 2nd and 3rd axle.
Towing vehicles, three independent circuits, one for 1st axle, one for 2nd and 3rd axle and another for the trailer.
Emergency brake: Incorporated in service brake. Parking brake: Mechanical spring-type with pneumatic control acting on 2nd and 3rd axle wheels.
IVECO BRAKE TURBO engine brake:
HD9 380/420 HP braking power 200 kW (272 HP)
HD9 440/480/540 HP braking power 255 kW (347 HP) On request: 
Hydraulic intarder (HD9 64.38 and HD9 64.42 excluded). 1st axle immobiliser system.
OFF/ROAD button for excluding ABS for speed < 15 kph.

Online pdf Astra HD9 Sheet Chassis Euro3 6x4 GB

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