Allison Transmission Vocational Model Guide

Online pdf Allison Transmission Vocational Model Guide

Allison Vocational Models offer tailored vocational features, advantages and benefits to better meet the individual needs of our customers.

The all-new Allison TC10™ is engineered specifically for Class 8 tractor applications. The TC10 maximizes drivetrain efficiency while achieving and maintaining highway cruising speeds to save you time and money.

Allison Highway Series automatic transmissions are designed to meet all the horsepower needs of strictly on-highway vehicles that do not require PTO operation.

Allison Motorhome Series automatic transmissions are designed to provide enhanced performance and exceptional value to the motorhome market.

Allison Bus Series automatic transmissions are ideally suited for Federal Transit Authority (FTA) funded transit properties, FTA-like transit properties and tour coaches exceeding 33,000 lbs GVW.

Allison Emergency Vehicle Series offers a complete family of automatic RUGGED DUTY SERIEStransmissions to meet the special needs of fire and emergency vehicles.

Allison Rugged Duty Series automatic transmissions are suited for any vehicle that operates on/off highway and/or requires PTO operation.

Allison Pupil Transport/Shuttle Series automatic transmissions are ideally suited for school bus, shuttle bus and other select non-school applications.

Allison Truck RV Series automatic transmissions are specifically designed to provide more power and more performance for truck recreational vehicles.

Allison Specialty Series automatic transmissions provide extended torque range, higher GVW capacity and advanced electronic controls to get the most performance out of higher horsepower engines, suited for military, tactical, combat and support vehicles.

Allison Oil Field Series automatic transmissions are the only Allison transmissions certified for well servicing rig propulsion and auxiliary power applications such as high pressure pumping and hoisting.

Allison Off Road Series provides technologically advanced, smaller, lighter, yet very robust automatic transmissions for articulated dumps, rigid dumps and other off-road applications.

Specifying a vehicle is an important business proposition. And specifying the right transmission for the vehicle is one of the most critical decisions that will impact the performance of that vehicle and a company’s bottom line. The right combination of drivetrain components will not only improve vehicle performance, it can  improve the operating cost of the vehicle over its lifetime.

PROVEN RELIABILITY AND DURABILITY Allison Transmission has built a reputation on our ability to build transmissions that last. That is why Allison Automatics are the preferred choice for all types of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. They are engineered to meet the demands of your particular business while providing outstanding value.

COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE All Allison automatic transmission models offer comprehensive coverage with 100% parts and labor. Coverage may vary by model and by application. Contact your Allison representative for details. Our extensive  network of approximately 1,400 authorized Allison Distributors and Dealers worldwide means convenient, factory-quality Allison Transmission service is always close at hand.

TORQUE CONVERTER Increased shifting performance, faster acceleration, greater operating flexibility and minimal rollback are all advantages attributed to the patented heavy-duty Allison torque converter. The torque converter’s cushion effect reduces shock and strain on all driveline components.

STARTABILITY Startability is a vehicle’s capability to launch and pull a load. Simply put, it’s the ‘grunt’ or ‘get-up-and-go’  of a truck. Often only the 1st gear ratio is used to judge a vehicle’s startability. The truth is, one has to consider the engine torque at the required launch rpm and torque multiplication of the Allison torque converter. Manual and automated manual  transmissions have to launch at very low engine rpm in order to prevent damage to the clutch. This means less torque, which  is why they have very deep 1st gear ratios to help them overcome their clutch limitations. An Allison Automatic uses the full torque from the engine and multiplies it with the torque converter. Then, when the 1st gear ratio and rear axle ratio are  factored in, the Allison provides greater startability. 

SHIFT ENERGY MANAGEMENT (SEM) Allison’s SEM system provides better engine/transmission integration to  optimize the entire driveline system. The result is faster, smoother, more consistent shift quality; increased powertrain  durability; improved performance; and an overall more efficient vehicle operation leading to greater fuel economy.

PROGNOSTICS Most Allison Vocational Models are now available with Allison prognostics at no additional charge. Calibrated to the vehicle’s particular operating requirements, Allison prognostics monitor various operating parameters – oil level, oil life, filter life and transmission health – to determine and alert when service is due. This eliminates unnecessary oil and filter  changes and provides maximum transmission protection.

DYNAMIC SHIFT SENSING Automatically selects between lower/higher speed based on the vehicle’s actual payload and the grade on which it is operating to optimize fuel economy while maintaining superior performance.

Online pdf Allison Transmission Vocational Model Guide

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