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Shifting performance
Not even the most expert driver can shift at the precise shift points to optimize vehicle performance under all road and load conditions. An Allison Automatic automatically makes the right shift at the right time to maximize vehicle performance and protect the driveline.

On a vehicle with a manual or automated manual transmission, there are seven to eight shifts per mile in an average cycle. The power interrupts that occur during these shift changes result in lower average wheel horsepower and a loss of 14-16 seconds every mile. There are no power interrupts with Allison Automatics, just smooth, seamless full-power shifts.

By making full use of the engine’s horsepower, an Allison Automatic may allow you to specify a smaller engine, saving you money in the long run. Plus, faster trips add up to more deliveries per day, which means increased incremental revenue from your vehicle.

Life cycle value
When you factor in all life cycle costs - vehicle purchase price, insurance, fuel, tires, preventive maintenance, component repair, driver wages, taxes, license, permits and retail resale value - along with the increased productivity, an Allison Automatic equipped vehicle costs less per yard mile** to operate than a comparable competitively-equipped vehicle.

This next generation of Allison electronic controls offers a variety of features to further improve fuel economy and maximize transmission protection with advanced prognostics.

Fuel Economy and Efficiency
To get the most out of every drop of fuel, Allison 5th Generation Electronic Controls offer an enhanced array of smart controls designed to increase fuel economy and fuel efficiency for the specific needs of any rugged duty application. These include Load-Based Shift Scheduling, Reduced Engine Load at Stop, Shift Energy Management, Vehicle Acceleration Control and the new Enhanced Converter Load Release. Allison 5th Generation Electronic Controls provide unprecedented flexibility when it comes to specifying maximum fuel economy.

Online pdf Allison Transmission RDS Brochure Rugged Duty Series Brochure Sa3743

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