Allis-Chalmers 1671690 Operators Manual

Online PDF Allis-Chalmers 1671690 Operator's Manual

It Is the responsibility of the user to read the Oper operating procedures as pertains to the operation of the product, and to lubricat duct according to the maintenance schedule in the Operator's Manual.Manual and understand the safe and correct id maintain the pro. 

The user is responsible for Inspecting his machine and for having parts repaired or replaced when contin=
UUed use of the product would cause damage or excessive wear to other parts, Its the user's responsibill-
ty to deliver his machine to an Allis-Chalmers dealer, for service or replacement of defective parts which
ate covered by the standard warranty. When requesting warranty service, you must present your copy of
delivery record. The user will advise the dealer when unit will start in field 80 dealer representative can be on hand to
make necessary adjustments and help you get started properly. 

If the Dealer is requested by the Customer to travel to another location, or haul the machine to his shop
{or the purpose of performing a warranty obligation or free inspection, It would be for the Customer's con-
venience, and the cost for such trips Is to be paid for by the Customer. Any arrangement whereby the
Dealer agrees to absorb all or a part of the cost of these trips Is to be made between the Dealer and the
(Customer and is to be considered a courtesy to the Customer.

The following pages and illustrations are printed to help supply you with the knowledge to better operate and service your new ALLIS-CHALMERS equipment. We are proud to have you as a customer and feel you will be proud to be an ALLIS-CHALMERS owner, Any piece of equipment needs, and must have a certain amount of service and maintenance to keep it in top running condition. We have attempted to cover all the adjustments required to fit most conditions; however, there may be times when special care must be taken to fit a condition, i Study this operator's manual carefully and become acquainted with all the adjustments and operating procedures before attempting to operate your new equipment. Remember, it is a machine and has been designed and tested to do an efficient job in most operating conditions, and will perform in relation to the service it receives. If special attention is required for some conditions, ask your ALLIS-CHALMERS Dealer Parts and Service Organization will be glad to help and answer any questions on operation and, service of your new machine.

Online PDF Allis-Chalmers 1671690 Operator's Manual

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